Air Cleaners

Take a deep breath. Now try not to think too much about what you just inhaled. Mold, dust, bacteria—every breath we take can include any number of airborne contaminants and irritants. Not only does airborne matter like pollen, bacteria, allergens and the like affect the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems, but it can also have an even more serious impact on your health and the health of your family. For those with allergies or health issues, air quality can greatly affect both long and short term well-being.

With so much at stake, it’s time to consider a Bryant air cleaning system. Long known for our high quality and reliable heating and cooling options, Bryant is committed to ensuring your total comfort in your home. That’s why we offer a series of air cleaning and filtration options to fit every budget and need.

For those who want to ensure the highest level of air quality, we recommend Bryant’s Perfect Air Purifiers (from Bryant’s Evolution Series). Bryant’s Perfect Air system will kill bacteria, viruses, and mold, offering the safest, most complete level of air cleaning and purification. With our Perfect Air Purifier, we don’t just filter the air. We re-purify it as often as eight times per hour, continually safeguarding your home’s air quality.

For the best in air filtration, consider Bryant’s Preferred series, which will help your home run more efficiently while still improving the quality and cleanliness of your air. Low maintenance and easy to clean, Bryant’s Preferred line of filtration systems will give you noticeably improved air flow. And don’t forget about Bryant’s Totaline air cleaners, which can be used in nearly every application, are 95% efficient down to 1 micron, and help remove mold, pollen, and bacteria from the air you breathe.

Every breath of air we take is precious. Why not make sure that every breath is safe as well? Call your authorized Bryant dealer and learn more about which Bryant air cleaning option is best for you.

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