How to Prevent Heating System Breakdowns in Highlands Ranch, CO

When the weather turns cold in Highlands Ranch, CO, you need to be sure your heating system is up to the challenge. A sudden malfunction of equipment is not only costly but inconvenient, uncomfortable, and even dangerous. Bryant suggests the following proactive measures to prevent breakdowns and keep your heater operating safely and smoothly:

  • Air filters – Promote system efficiency and lessen demands by replacing air filters regularly.
  • Check vents – The heating system is sized to suit your home and cannot function at full capacity or efficiency if vents to unused rooms are closed.
  • Cleaning – Vacuum floor registers, check inside vents for debris and dirt, and eliminate obstructions that might prevent airflow and lead to pressure inside ductwork and cracks.
  • Insulate – Insulate the attic to create an effective barrier between the indoor environment and the outside weather.
  • Notice odd smells – The smell of smoke, rotten eggs, electrical burning, or chemicals is an indication of a problem and should be addressed by a professional immediately.
  • Professional maintenance – With annual inspection, your Bryant dealer troubleshoots, cleans, and makes adjustments to resolve minor issues before they graduate into costly repairs.
  • Replace batteries – Change out the batteries in your thermostat twice per year to avoid needless interruption of system performance.
  • Tighten – Weatherize and caulk around outlets and window and door frames to eliminate waste and minimize wear and tear on the heating equipment.

When in doubt, call the professionals from Bryant for helpful information and effective HVAC solutions.

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