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It can be difficult to determine the ideal time to replace your air conditioner. While the investment into a new central cooling system is significant, the expense of operating and repairing outdated equipment quickly adds up. We encourage you to call your local Bryant dealer in Centennial, CO for a professional, honest, and accurate evaluation.

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We’ve provided a few signs that may indicate when it’s time to make a change:

  • Age – A properly maintained temperature control system can be expected to last approximately 15 years. However, if you’re faced with frequent repairs and the air conditioner is over 10 years of age, it’s usually best to replace it. You’ll not only take advantage of the manufacturer’s warranty coverage but most likely a significant increase in efficiency levels as well.
  • Efficiency levels – Advances in cooling technology have led to much higher SEER ratings. Current models must provide a minimum of 13 SEER. The Bryant Evolution Extreme Variable-Speed air conditioner achieves a SEER rating up to 20.5, saving a significant amount of money on monthly cooling costs.
  • Repairs – A major repair can get expensive and go a long way toward the price of a brand new cooling system. If repair costs more than replace or the reliability of the equipment is questionable, it’s probably best to buy new.
  • Reliability – If the air conditioner is continually requiring service, the system is most likely reaching the end of its service life and the investment would be better spent on an upgraded model.
  • Refrigerant – R22 Freon is being eliminated due to its negative impact on the environment, and the cost of this refrigerant is steadily rising. If your system still relies on Freon, it’s time to protect the ozone layer as well as your wallet and switch over to a new system and take advantage of R410A.
  • Comfort – When the air conditioner no longer keeps up with demand, leaving your home feeling overheated or sticky, upgrading to modern technology is often worth the improvement in comfort and air quality.

Air Conditioning Replacement & AC Installation in Centennial, CO

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