HVAC Maintenance, Furnace Filter & Heating System Maintenance in Lakewood, CO

The weather in Lakewood, CO creates a demanding workload for your furnace. While advances in modern heating technology have resulted in extremely reliable equipment, a little maintenance goes a long way in promoting efficient and sustainable performance. The furnace filter is vital to operation and must be changed regularly to avoid problems. According to the US Department of Energy, this simple task can enhance equipment efficiency by up to 15%.

A clean filter allows for maximum airflow, minimizing running times and lessening wear and tear on equipment. Because a polluted filter forces the heater to work harder, it increases the chance of malfunction and also shortens lifespan. Once the filter is clogged, it will fail to trap additional dust, grime, and contaminants, which will then pass through the ducts and into your breathing air. In other words, replacement provides healthier indoor air quality.

Furnace Maintenance & Heating System Service

So how often should you replace the filter for the best results? There are a number of factors impacting proper frequency. Occupancy of the home, pets, type of air filter, indoor air quality, and activities all play a part. You probably don’t need to change the furnace filter every  month, but don’t wait longer than three months. Make sure to switch out the filter at the start of each season and take the time to inspect and always replace a filter that appears dirty. If you have any questions or concerns, know that you can always call your local Bryant dealer for expert HVAC service.

Furnace Filter in Lakewood, CO | Furnace Maintenance

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