3 Ways to Lower Your Energy Use

Everybody loves saving money, and a great way to hold onto more cash each month is by targeting your Colorado home’s energy bill and reducing your energy use.

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1. Change Your Filter

Most HVAC units need the air filter changed every 30 to 90 days. If you use a disposable air filter, be sure to remove the filter and replace it with a new one. If you have a washable filter, follow the manufacturer’s directions on how to clean it. Be sure to let it dry out before placing it back in.

A dirty air filter can restrict airflow and force your entire system to work harder than it needs to, which could ultimately lead to higher energy bills—and may even result in an expensive repair if your unit breaks down from overworking itself.

Always read the manufacturer’s instructions to see how frequently your filter needs to be changed and do so accordingly.

2. Invest in a Programmable or Smart Thermostat

A programmable thermostat is an excellent investment to take back control over your energy usage, allowing you to set specific temperatures during different times of the day.

On warmer days, set your thermostat a few degrees higher when you are away from home to save money on air conditioning costs—and then schedule it to lower the temperature right before you return to enjoy a comfortable home.

Programmable thermostats are also great for when you plan on going on trips or vacations. You can adjust your thermostat so your HVAC system gets a break when no one is home.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), heating and cooling accounts for the largest portion of the average family’s energy expenses. Reduce the amount of energy used to heat and cool your home, and enjoy a lower energy bill.

Some smart thermostats will eventually learn your routine and automatically set the temperature to fit your lifestyle.

3. Schedule Professional HVAC Maintenance Visits

Another effective way to reduce energy use is by ensuring that your HVAC system receives regular maintenance visits. Skipping a routine maintenance visit could compromise your entire unit, forcing it to use more energy and leaving it less effective at heating and cooling your home.

During a professional HVAC maintenance visit, all of your heating and cooling equipment will be inspected and cleaned. If any issues are uncovered during the visit, you will have the opportunity to have them addressed before they become more problematic and expensive to fix.

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