Improve Your Air Quality Today

Maintain good indoor air quality (IAQ) to keep yourself, your family, and your Colorado home healthy.

What affects indoor air quality?

  • Your activities, such as cooking or burning wood in your fireplace
  • Dust, smoke particles, pet dander, and other allergens 
  • Cleaning and personal care products, paint, hobby and craft materials, insecticide, and pressed wood furniture
  • Mold
  • Inadequate ventilation
  • A dirty heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) unit or air filter
  • Inefficient HVAC equipment with poor airflow
  • Viruses and bacteria
  • Outdoor pollution
  • Excessive humidity 
  • Dry air 

Get Professional Help

You can improve indoor air quality in your Colorado home by using environment-friendly products, storing household chemicals correctly, banning smoking and fireplace use indoors, using your exhaust fan when cooking, or trading your gas stove for an electric one.

Replacing dirty HVAC filters, keeping up with dusting and vacuuming, and opening windows when working with paint or cleaners can help reduce particulate matter.

However, these efforts may not be enough to improve indoor air substantially. You may need professional help to find the best solution for your home. Look no further for a team you can trust than Bryant Colorado. Our extensive online directory gives you a choice of Bryant dealers in the Greater Denver area, the Eastern Plains, Northern Colorado, Southern Colorado, and the Western Slope.

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Whole-House Approach

Your Bryant dealer can recommend products that will correct air quality issues throughout your Colorado home rather than in a single room as portable devices do. 

For example, if your humidity level is too high, a whole-house dehumidifier will remove excess moisture from the air. It can help maintain the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommendation of a 30 to 50 percent humidity level in your home.

A whole-house humidifier does just the opposite, adding moisture to dry indoor air. A humidity level below 30 percent can dry out your skin, cause nosebleeds, trigger asthma symptoms, irritate your eyes, and increase the risk of viral infections. At the same time, dry air can warp and crack wood floors and furniture. 

If improved ventilation is your goal, ask a pro how a ventilator can freshen the air in your home. Bryant ventilators expel stale indoor air outside while at the same time drawing fresh air. The incoming air passes through a filter and uses energy from the exhaust air to either warm up or cool down, depending on the indoor air temperature. 

Air purifiers use high-efficiency filters to capture particles, viruses, and bacteria. Some produce hydrogen peroxide molecules to clean the air. Others kill contaminants with UV light or an ionization process. Bryant’s Evolution® air purifiers trap particles and inactivate them with an electrical charge. Ask a dealer if an air purifier is your best solution for indoor air quality issues. 

Resolve Your Indoor Air Issues Today

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