When Is the Best Time to Tune Up Your Furnace or Heat Pump?

Want to keep your Colorado home’s heating equipment in top shape? Maintenance is the key—and it starts with a tune-up.

If you are wondering when exactly is the best time of the year for a furnace or heat pump tune-up, you are not alone. Many homeowners wonder how often and when to schedule maintenance for their heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment.

Whether your system needs a tune-up or replacement part, Bryant Colorado can help. We provide a network of Factory Authorized Dealerships in Southern Colorado, Northern Colorado, Eastern Plains, Western Slope, Denver Metro-West, Denver Metro-East, Denver Metro-North, and Denver Metro-South.

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When to Schedule Your Furnace or Heat Pump Tune-Up

Ideally, the best time to schedule a tune-up for your heating equipment is in the late summer or early fall, right before you use it most.

But if you missed scheduling it last fall, there are still plenty of chilly days ahead. Schedule your tune-up today and avoid getting caught in the cold!

If you have a hard time remembering when to schedule your annual tune-ups, you can always join one of our maintenance plans and receive friendly scheduling email reminders. You’ll also enjoy repair discounts, priority service, and other perks as a club member.

It’s important you stay on track with routine HVAC maintenance. Scheduling a tune-up for your furnace, AC, or heat pump at least once a year is the best way to protect your investment. You remain in compliance with the manufacturer’s warranty, and you prolong the life of your equipment. Your system will run smoother and more efficiently.

A system that runs at peak efficiency uses less energy to operate, which translates to reduced energy costs and more money in your pocket!

According to ENERGY STAR®, 29 percent of your utility bill goes to heating—and it is the largest energy expense in your household. Imagine what you could do with the savings from your energy bill!

Benefits of a Heating Tune-Up

Turn to a Bryant HVAC dealer in our network and schedule your furnace or heat pump tune-up to enjoy the following great benefits:

  • Promote greater system efficiency
  • Reduce the risk of an unexpected and costly breakdown
  • Help your heating equipment operate at a high-performance level
  • Lower your heating expenses
  • Extend the service life of your furnace or heat pump
  • Encourage better indoor air quality (IAQ)
  • Improve your safety and comfort
  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing your heating equipment is functioning properly

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