AC or Heat Pump? 

Heat pumps and air conditioners (AC) are great for keeping your home comfortable here in Colorado. These two systems function in similar ways. However, they have key differences that are important to know when you’re in the market for a new heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. 

Did you know the average homeowner budgets nearly 50 percent of their annual energy expenses toward heating and cooling, according to ENERGY STAR®? That’s why the Bryant Colorado team recommends getting the most efficient HVAC system you can find––you’ll save lots of cash in the long run. 

How Does an AC Work? 

When the weather is warm, your air conditioner extracts heat and humidity from the air to cool your home. It does this by circulating refrigerant, a chemical substance that cycles between liquid and gas form. 

Moisture in the air binds to the refrigerant and gets converted into water, which exits down the condensate drain. As this happens, the outdoor compressor unit blows away the hot air that the AC removed from your home. 

This process lowers the indoor temperature to meet your thermostat setting. It also makes your home less humid, which improves indoor air quality (IAQ)

How Do Heat Pumps Work? 

Heat pumps function similarly––they circulate refrigerant, manipulating heat and humidity to regulate the temperature. However, they offer both heating and cooling, whereas AC units can only cool. 

On a hot day, your air-source heat pump works like an air conditioner. The refrigerant circulates, moving heat indoors to the outdoor compressor and converting excess humidity into water. But when the weather gets cooler, the process works in reverse. The heat pump takes warmth from the outdoors and blows it inside. 

The other key difference is that you’ll want to purchase an air handler with your heat pump. The air handler ventilates your heat pump’s treated air through your ductwork. 

How Heat Pumps Increase Efficiency

Most homeowners are familiar with the traditional air conditioner and furnace combination. However, heating technology has come a long way––heat pumps are ready to withstand even the coldest Colorado days. In most cases, they use much less energy than a traditional furnace or space heater––making them more cost-effective in the long term. 

As your local factory-authorized Bryant dealer, we recommend the following unit if you’d like the best balance of comfort and efficiency: 

Evolution® Series 284ANV

This model makes your home comfy while keeping your utilities low. With a SEER rating of up to 24 for cooling, it’s among the most efficient air-source heat pumps on the market. Additionally, it’s 50 percent quieter than its nearest competitor and can remove up to 400 percent more moisture from the air than traditional systems. 

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