5 Reasons to Replace Your Current AC System

Does your current cooling system have the capacity to keep your home comfortable for another summer? Like any other form of technology, air conditioners (AC) eventually reach an age where replacement is warranted. 

If you’ve owned your AC for 10 years or longer, upgrading to a high-efficiency unit could reduce your energy expenses by as much as 40 percent, according to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). However, a new system is a significant investment. Because of that reason, many Colorado homeowners have trouble deciding when it’s time to replace their current AC units.

It’s okay to be on the fence! Your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) specialist can perform an in-home assessment to help you find the most cost-effective path. That’s where Bryant Colorado comes in––we can put you in touch with licensed Bryant dealers in your area.

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When Should I Replace My Air Conditioning Unit?

Think your AC might need replacing? When making your decision, it’s best to perform a cost-benefit analysis.

Have you spent extra money on repairs or noticed an increase in electrical costs in the past year? If so, it may be less expensive in the long run to upgrade. Additionally, look for the following signs and symptoms:

1. Old Age

If you take care of your cooling system and schedule professional maintenance once a year, you can expect it to last, on average, 10 to 15 years. If you haven’t been consistent with the maintenance, the lifespan could be even shorter. 

2. Frequent Repairs

A system that requires frequent, back-to-back repairs may be trying to tell you something––it can’t do its job much longer. An AC that needs half of its parts replaced likely needs to be swapped out, not fixed. 

3. High Utility Bills 

As the equipment inside your cooling system ages, it begins to wear out and run more slowly. That means it uses more energy to produce the same amount of cooling. Put this together with other factors, like age, and it is a strong indicator your unit is ready for retirement.

4. Inconsistent Cooling

Is your air conditioner just not regulating temperature like it used to? This issue could mean your AC only cools sections of your home, doesn’t feel cool enough, or doesn’t cool at all. This could also be due to air duct losses or thermostat issues, so be sure to have a Bryant Colorado expert assess your home. 

5. Humidity 

In addition to making the air cool, AC helps regulate humidity by removing moisture from the air. Doing so improves your indoor air quality (IAQ).

As units age, their ability to balance humidity levels wanes. This can cause your home to feel muggy or humid and may even lead to mold growth. If this is the case, have it checked out right away.

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